NOAQ Tubewall

This barrier is incredible in that it uses air to fill which extremely fast, leaves no mess, or residual water weight. It is lightweight, packs away well, and easy to work with.


NOAQ Tubewall is an air-filled flood barrier which uses the weight of the water and friction to anchor itself. It consists of a number of air inflated sections (”tubes”) that are interconnected by ordinary zips ties to form a continuous protective barrier.
Each tube is furnished with a skirt which lies on the ground on the flood side. As flood water rises on top of the skirt, the skirt is squeezed against the ground whereby the friction against the ground anchors the skirt and the entire Tubewall. The higher water levels, the better anchoring pressure, and the Tubewall remains stable even if the water rises to the full height of the unit.
When floodwaters have receded, Tubewall units can be deflated and rolled up for later use with no residual water or soil to contend with.

Download NOAQ Tubewall Specification from below


  • Free Standing Barrier
  • Air Filled and Water Anchored
  • Lightweight
  • Protects to the Full Height of the Unit
  • Creates Curves and Corners
  • Easy Recovery and Cleaning
  • Stackable for Transport and Storage


Download NOAQ Tubewall user instruction from below



Configuration TW50 TW75 TW100
Tube 19.68″ 29.53″ 39.37″
Diameter 50cm 75cm 100cm
Max Water 19.68″ 29.53″ 39.37″
Level 50cm 75cm 100cm
Tube 32′ 9″ 32′ 9″ 32′ 9″
Length 10m 10m 10m
Width 5′ 7″ 7′ 10″ 10’6″
(Skirt Included) 1.7m 2.4m 3.2m
Weight 2.35lb/ft 3.5kg/m 3.36lb/ft 5kg/m 4.70lb/ft 7kg/m
Inflation Time 2min 3min 5min
Material Reinforced PVC 680g/m Reinforced PVC 680g/m Reinforced PVC 680g/m
Temp. -22F – 158F -22F – 158F -22F – 158F
Resistance -30C – 70C -30C – 70C -30C – 70C
Connection Up to 90* in Up to 90* in Up to 90* in
Angles both directions both directions both directions


Here are some examples of the products in action!