About us

Dam IT Canada

Following the flooding in 2017, Wayne Fernandes needed to protect his own home and found NOAQ’s products on the web. When he and Francis Fernandes realized that NOAQ had no Canadian distributor, they registered a new company, DAM-IT Canada, to provide national support to homes and businesses across Canada!

Dam-IT Canada immediately understood the need for different flood protection products, needed for Canadian users considering our landscape surrounded by lakes and being the top country with highest number of lakes. Dam-IT Canada immediately partnered with a Canadian road-rail transportation company to provide reliable and cost-effective logistics support to ship products across Canada.

Dam-IT Canada was committed to bring to Canada world best products within the flood protection industry when it found NOAQ. NOAQ Flood Protection AB is a Swedish company, established with the aim of developing and selling flood protection on the global market. There is a big need for more efficient and faster protection than sandbags and earthen levees, and with the foreseen changes in climate the need will increase even further in the years to come.

We are focused on marketing NOAQ’s two main flood protection product line, namely the Boxwall BW52 and the Tubewall TW within the Canadian market place and provide complete service right from initial sales to delivery of NOAQ product to our clients door step using our logistics partners coast to coast across Canada.