NOAQ Boxwall

NOAQ Boxwall

This is the most effective barrier on the market at stopping floodwaters that are already present. It is our fastest and easiest barrier to deploy which can easily be stored in your garage or the back of a truck for future deployment. It requires no fill material, is extremely lightweight, and massively popular. This product is easy to deploy and recover by a single person. If you only have only a matter of minutes to react to incoming floodwaters, this product allows you to respond even when it would be too late for almost every other barrier on the market.


In addition to standard flood protection, the NOAQ Boxwall has an amazing ability to immediately redirect flood waters even after they have begun to flow! This product unique and completely reusable! The NOAQ Boxwall is lightweight, easy to manage, and is quickly assembled. Although the weight of each ”box” is about 14 lbs, the Boxwall stands firm without any external fastening, even when damming water to its top. This product is entirely stabilized by the weight of the flood water itself.
The Boxwall is built up simply snapping consecutive units together. The flexible +/-3° coupling makes it possible to create curves. This system has corner pieces which come in 30 degree increments allowing for a variety of corner angles. For example, three corner pieces will make a 90-degree turn. After the flood, units are easily detached and can be cleaned using a garden hose and neatly stacked for storage and reuse.
Download the NOAQ Boxwall BW52 Tech Sheet


  • Free Standing Barrier
  • No fill material required
  • Immediately redirects flowing water
  • Designed for even, firm surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Protects to the full height of the unit
  • Creates curves and corners
  • Stacks away for storage and reuse


  • Protective height – 20.68”
  • Dimensions – 38.58”L x 26.77”W x 20.68” H
  • Effective connected length = 3’
  • Weight per unit = 14 lbs>

Each pallet contains 26 units for a total of 77’ of linear protection

NOTE: We will supply partial pallets


Here are some examples of the products in action!

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